the greatest view by silverchair

this is the first video released from the diorama album..they have matured much into their music by this era..most songs in the album where orchestraic..i love this album..

E—————-1-1-3-3— (x2)

Verse One
A B7
You’re the analyst the fungus in my milk
A Am A E
When you want no-one and you got someone
A B7
Through the wind you crawl and laugh at burn dunes
Bb F G
When no-one else will ever see

Asus4 A C D
Now that you know why you feel like you do
Asus4 A C D
Their tuning their heads whilst they wait for no-one
Asus4 A C D E
And finally I know why you feel like letting go

Chorus (x2)
A Amaj7 Bm
I’m watching you watch over me
D Dm A
And I’ve got the greatest view from here

Verse Two
Mistake don’t mean a thing if you don’t regret them
So pack your tactic toes for the winter
Chain a waterfall to blurred and withered skin
While no one else will ever see

Chorus (x2)
I’m watching you watch over me
And I’ve got the greatest view from here
Pre Chorus and then Chorus to fade

Hope you enjoy the song!!


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